Jabbok IT Solutions is a social enterprise division operating under Jabbok Charitable Foundation Ltd. The social enterprise is funded by the “Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme” which is established under the Home Affairs Department of the Hong Kong S.A.R. Government. We create IT solutions for our clients while providing training and working opportunities to the disabled and unemployed high school graduates at the same time.


We are a multi-talented provider of computing services with service area covering Hong Kong S.A.R. and China. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, Network Security and Infrastructure, Windows, Linux, and Apple Consultation Services, and E-Commerce Solutions.


With a deep knowledge in computing trends and best practices, Jabbok IT Solutions has the resources to solve any technical problem that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) face, and even more importantly, block any potential risk from happening. We set a standard for one-stop shop for IT services in Hong Kong.

As a local company, we understand the unique business environment of Hong Kong. All SMEs need IT support and services. However, full time technical employee may not be economical for them, or in most cases, their in-house technical employee is not fit for certain specialized tasks, like network security and data theft prevention.


Jabbok IT Solutions is dedicated to provide outsource technical services to our clients. We built our business and reputation by acting as a partner with our clients to provide innovative and comprehensive IT solutions. We have the know-how to enhance business opportunities by harnessing information technology.




Our consultants came from different backgrounds and are expert in various IT fields. They have years of experience in Microsoft Systems, LAN/WAN Networking, IT Security, Linux, and PC HW/SW. Many of them have worked in multinational companies and have wide exposure to best practices and latest technology trends.





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Backup Solution

Backup Solution


Nowadays, as the amount of digital data and information transfer is reaching new heights every day, sensitive files kept by corporations are facing an unprecedented level of security concern. In the case of lost data or incorrect data alteration, a recovering strategy must always be prepared in advance. To assure the security of sensitive data, a stable, highly efficient, and easily usable backup solution must be implemented in every sensible corporation.


Our company strives toward solving I.T. problems and would tailor make backup solutions that perfectly suit your corporation, which would contribute towards a worry free working environment for you.


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